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Greg Panas is an accomplished South Florida based adventure and landscape photographer who originally hailed from the city of Philadelphia. As a self-taught artist, Greg has centered his career around travel, the outdoors, nature, and capturing the human spirit. These elements are evident and reflective throughout his work. Traveling throughout the year to capture the most beautiful landscapes, Greg is driven by the desire to see and capture places that have yet to be photographed by the masses.

As the Senior Staff Photographer of SUP Magazine, photography is not only his passion but the birthplace to his happiness. Greg has traveled and captured photos from all over the world and his motto firmly remains, “Talent gets you to the door, hard work is what gets you through it.” He passionately believes that the world is an incredible place, full of amazing sights, sounds and people that should be documented for others to see and experience.

Greg’s photographs have been published in Sup the Mag, Standup Journal, Standup Paddle Magazine, Outside Magazine Online, Eastern Surf Magazine, Sports Illustrated Online, Surfer Mag, Surfline, GrindTv, ESPN, Boca Magazine, and Supracer.com. He has collaborated with Red Bull, RipCurl, Billabong, Surftech, Starboard Paddleboards, Seabridge Gold, Stansbury Research, and Vert Golf to name a few.


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